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GO EAGLES! I consider it an enormous privilege to serve at Christian Faith School, and as a licensed pastor, I am one of the campus pastors here. I oversee the K-12 Bible Curriculum, teach high school and 8th Grade Bible classes, and lead both our elementary and secondary weekly chapel services.

I believe Christian education is vital for the spiritual growth of our young people who are growing up in a world that is aggressively pushing against the message of Jesus. Because of this, I’m passionate not only to deposit as much of the Word of God into your child as possible, but also to help create an atmosphere where God’s presence is undeniable.

An interesting fact about me: my degree is in Music and Theatre, so when I’m not at CFS, I’m working as a freelance author and screenwriter. My first novel “Caged No More” has been adapted into a major motion picture and hit theatres nationwide in January 2016. The DVD is now available, and 100% of all my proceeds from the novel and movie have been donated to an anti-trafficking organization called Trafficking Hope. I am very passionate about ending human trafficking and have the opportunity to speak around the nation to schools, city groups, and churches about how they can be aware, prevent, and end this terrible crime.
God has truly blessed my life with an amazing husband along with three daughters, all of whom attend CFS. You can see more of the joy of the Venzke tribe by clicking on the Fun Photos page.
If you would like to find out more about me, my writing, and blogging, you can go to