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Hello, I am a new teacher starting a new program here at CFS. My name is Marlene Haines, and the program is entitled NILD, which stands for National Institute for Learning Development. My educational background includes a Bachelor of Education from Central Washington University, and a Masters of Education from Northeastern University. I have worked for many years in the field of learning development, supporting and assisting students in becoming motivated and independent learners with the ultimate goal of achieving greater success in school.

I believe in the sovereign Lord God of the Bible, who has graciously granted me this faith, and continues to work out His will and salvation in my life. After much prayer and patience in waiting for the Lord’s timing, He brought me here to live in the city of Tacoma, and to begin teaching here at Christian Faith School. It is a joy and privilege to come to this school each morning where I sense the presence of Christ and His work in so many ways.”