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Welcome, my amazing kindergartners and parents! My name is Ms. Myrtle Dickson.
I am from Charleston, South Carolina. I have no relatives here, but with God’s help I have raised two daughters and seen them through high school and college.

I enjoy working at Christian Faith School because it’s a school that displays God’s love in every classroom and throughout the building. I like the unity of our staff and the atmosphere of our school. It’s a school that has a purpose.

I obtained my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education from Clark College in Atlanta, Georgia. I have taught at Christian Faith School for 19 years. I also have taught first graders in Atlanta, Georgia, at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School for 2 years and Kindergarten in the Bremerton School District for one year. I am very passionate about teaching 5-6 year olds, helping them to develop their spirit, soul, and body and also giving them a strong foundation in academics with fun and excitement.
I am available to meet at 3:30 by appointment every Friday.