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I'm Pam Nelson, Librarian, and the little young lady with her book is a sweet second grader who loves to read! The Big Red Dog with us is Clifford, a special guest from 2017! 
I'm back for the second year of our new CFS Elementary Library!  I'm so eager to serve our Preschool through 5th Grade in one of the best parts of the school week.
This is my 41st consecutive year of teaching.  That makes me 62 years young.  I retired from public education 8 years ago and have enjoyed Christian private education every day since.  I think I was technically retired for all of two weeks! 
I'm one of two Nelsons at CFS.  Marie teaches Music, and I am the Lucky Librarian.  Try not to mix us up. ( I am the older one.  She isn't.  But keep that a secret.)
The children and staff describe me as outgoing, funny, strict but loving, organized and full of fun while I hold the children accountable.  I am very involved with getting to know them.  I look forward to getting to know YOUR child and helping him or her to RISE UP AND REACH POTENTIAL as we enjoy stories and measure SUCCESS together!  Whether the stories are fiction or non-fiction, we will dialogue about Biblical World View every week.
I have earned a Bachelor of Arts and two Masters degrees in Education from Pacific Lutheran University, as well as a Specialist's Endorsement in Reading, also from PLU.  One of the Master's credentials is in Children's Literacy.  I have coursework in Early Education, as well.   
Fun facts about me...I carried the Olympic Torch in 1996 and lit the cauldron for the City of Tacoma along Downtown Pacific Avenue. This was quite an honor.  I carried that Torch for Jesus Christ and for all teachers and students.   I have snow-white hair ( A TRUE EAGLE), three cats, and a wonderful husband of 38 years.  I live at Lake Tapps and enjoy gardening.  My husband and I spent 30 years as foster parents and these kids are all grown.  Our last one calls us her "Fairy Godparents".  She is serving as a nanny in Australia while she plays 'Footie', a cross between rugby, soccer, and American football.  Though petite and crowned with brown curls, she was a three-time All American in NCAA Collegiate Women's Wrestling, placing 5th in North America, missing the Olympic Trials by one seed two years ago.  So proud.  The others are great people too.  They range in age from 24 to 47.  I am especially proud that these fine people of my heart come from 5 different races of God's Children.  That's one reason why it is Heaven to work in the CFS family.  We are an example of His glorious, diverse and loving creation as God intended.  We all excel for Him!

I have passions for music, dance, storytelling, and puppetry.  These God-given gifts, coupled with my literacy education and teaching experience, make me unique among CFS staff to implement the library program.  I seek to glorify a Good God and His passion for learning, loving, and GOOD BOOKS!  He is my role model.  He wrote a very, very Good Book, Himself.  He shares with us a true voice for life with His Word!  He gathers the children around Him and cherishes them, as I hope to do.
I manage CFS Accelerated Reader Program, as well.  We are part of a worldwide computerized system linking books to recall comprehension tests which help us to measure progress and celebrate success!  AR is a vital component of our library program.  With students self-graphing and monitoring themselves weekly, I keep a close eye on all of the children.  Last year, our students in kindergarten through 5th grade read 1683 books and over 20,000,000 words!  AR data was very efficiently collected for us on computer.  We hope to repeat this success this year, as well.
At the same time that we work hard, we will enjoy contests, celebrations, guest visitors, high level thinking and goal setting.  We will study various genres.  We will think critically through Biblical integration.  We will organize. We will look forward to library time as a special part of the school week. 
Be part of us.  Enjoin as a library volunteer, a mentor, a Parent Advisor to Library (which makes you a real PAL).
Thank you for reviewing this Edlio posting.  Please take a look at our new Elementary Library link on our website which should be ready by September 17th!
God Bless Us Everyone. Keep Reading!
    Pam Nelson