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NILD Information

Welcome to the NILD Department, home of Discovery and Teach!

Christian Faith School is nearing the end of its first year of providing the NILD (National Institute of Learning Development) program.  Students were able to benefit from this program in its inaugural year through sessions where students gain cognitive, academic, perceptual (visual and audio), and visual motor strengthening.   These benefits provide the necessary support many students need.



Our program endeavors to educate, equip, and empower our students to achieve their God-given destinies in line with the vision of our school. We purpose to provide programs to meet the needs of students with diagnosed needs.  Accommodations will be offered in the classroom to meet these needs.



According to Jeremiah 29:11, we believe that God has a plan and destiny for every child.  We believe that every student should be able to fulfill hes/her God given destiny regardless of his or her learning modality. 




  • Every child with assessed needs will be assisted through an Assessment and Education Plan, which will include follow up and tracking of progress. This includes instruction from the NILD model.  Children needing academic adaptations will receive those that promote scholastic growth and self-directed learning skills.
  • Teachers, staff and parents will meet to discuss implementation of strategies.
  • Strategies and accommodations to help students meet educational standards will be developed.
  • We will strive to combine the “heart “of our calling to educate with the “head” of knowledge that must meet standards and criteria.


Students with a 504 plan or an existing IEP will be placed within the CFS SAS program once we determine we can serve them and they are officially accepted.  Students lacking an assessment can be assessed on the CFS campus by our NILD therapist. An Assessment and Education Plan will be determined by the staff of CFS.

Marlene Haines
NILD Program Coordinator
*NILD is not a tutoring session.  It focuses on cognitive and perceptual weaknesses which will develop independent learning.  Parental involvement is necessary in order to ensure the best results. The sessions are individual and intense, and usually take 3 to 5 years of sessions to see full results of the benefits of the program.

For More Information about the NILD National Program, please visit